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    5'th Unit Electrical Job Progress as on 17.11.2008



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    5'th Unit Electrical Job Progress as on 17.11.2008

    Post  sukantasenroy on 17th November 2008, 19:01

    1. Generator -1.CO2 Vaporizer
    3.Exciter air heater
    2. Generator protection panel -1. 100% stator earth fault relay not operating at standstill.
    2. Low forward power relay in bypass condition.
    3. DCS cable connection
    Only single run cable laid from Generator C.T. and P.T.
    3. Generator Control panel -1. DCS cable connection
    2. Auto synchronization
    4. SP and IP Bus Duct -
    1. Hot Air Blower of IP bus duct commissioning
    2. Space heater of SP bus duct.
    3. Water ingress problem in SP busduct
    5.Generator Transformer -1. DCS cable laying and termination from GT&UAT CTCP panel.-
    6. Unit Transformers -1. DCS cable laying and termination from GT&UAT CTCP panel
    2. Splice plate connection for SPBD of UAT#A
    3. Appropriate power Supply cable laying and termination for Cooler control panel of both UATs.
    7. Unit and Station Switch Gear (5SA, 5SB,OSA &OSB) Remote operation of CHP fdrs.1&2, ON & OFF of ST#3 incomer bkr .1.Readiness of both incomers of 5SA & 5SB from UATs.
    2. Readiness for remote operation of different fdrs for Dry Type Transf., tie Bkrs. Etc.
    3. BTS panel testing and commissioning for changeover of Unit and Station Sw. Gear in progress.
    4. OSA and OSB changeover
    5. DCS cable termination for fdrs. Other than motor fdrs.
    1.Approved Electrical logic for bkr. Operation at DCS end not-available.
    2.Floor mismatch create a major problem for bkr. Draw out .No action has been taken from BHEL
    8. Unit and Station PCC 1. Readiness for remote operation of all Bkrs.
    2. Auto Changeover of 2 incomers and Bus coupler.
    3. DCS cable laying and termination
    Approved Electrical logic for bkr. Operation at DCS end not-available
    9. Different LT PMCC, MCC panels at power house -1. Readiness for remote operation 2 incomers and bus coupler.
    2. Auto Changeover of 2 incomer and Bus coupler.
    3. Upstream /downstream bkr. interlock
    4. Earth fault relay, Energy meter testing
    5. Current feedback of different LT motor.
    DCS cable of most of the motor fdr. Terminated without proper ferruling.
    10. ESP -1. Shaft, bushing insulator, hopper heaters readiness.
    2. Ash level indication readiness
    3. GD test
    4. One no DTT
    5. Air load test and Buchultz Relay readiness in progress.
    11.Ash Handling System 1. Two nos. DTT erected
    2. OSP, OSR, ODF panel erection and testing of OSP, OSR, ODF panel completed.
    3. H.T. power cable laying with both end termination, for OSP & OSR incomer, two nos. DTT and four HT motor already completed.
    4. Silo MCC panel erection complete
    1. Earth mat laying at ash handling switchgear area in progress.
    2. Inter panel Wiring of OSP and OSR
    3. Relay testing of OSP and OSR panels in progress.
    4. Cable tray work for vacuum pump house from Ash slurry pump house in progress.
    1. 50% power bus bar of OSP and OSR missing
    2. In vacuum pump house LT PMCC ODE charged with one DTT from 5SB panel. Another DTT in damaged condition.
    12. CW Pump House Remote operation of all CT fan; CWP A, B &C and ACWA,B motor bkrs from CW pump house control room. -Two nos. DTT are in damaged condition
    13. Illumination -1. Illumination work at boiler area, Power house building in progress.
    2. Mill area, Sw. yard Control room, boiler 0 mtr, outside power house area pending.
    1. Man power constraint.
    2. Most of the areas are still illuminated with temporary lights.
    14.Valves Total Completion around 80% -1. Most of the valves have been commissioned without proper ferruling and glanding.
    2. Few valves at turbine area and CWPH are not accessible
    15.Cabling -- Cable at different areas has been laid without proper dressing especially at power house zero mtr. cable gallery room.
    16. DG Set-1. DG set commissioning with changeover logic.
    2. DG Set-1 run locally and 200 amp load given from Emerg. MCC (5EA) with D.G. Set-1 after charging associated bkrs. Manually.
    DG sets run locally without any commissioning checking.
    17. Sw. yard -1. Commissioning of Bishnupur 1& 2 Bay.
    2.Sw. yard illumination.
    3. SCADA commissioning.
    4. PLCC system erection and commissioning
    No man power
    18.Water Treatment plant -Cable tray work under progress.-
    19.DM Plant -Erection of LT MCC panel and DCDB complete. Cable tray work under progress.-
    20.Fuel oil pump house --No electrical job.
    21.Station Tr.-3 and 4 -1. DCS connection from CTCP to DCS panel not done.
    2. OLTC auto operation.
    All cable trays and cables in the cable trench totally filled with water. No action has been taken.
    22.AVR - Auto channel tuning and checking of limiters.-

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