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    STPS Extension Unit No.5 (1 x 250MW) Progress of BOP Civil Work as on 18.11.2008



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    STPS Extension Unit No.5 (1 x 250MW) Progress of BOP Civil Work as on 18.11.2008

    Post  Admin on 18th November 2008, 19:07

    1. Raw Water Pump House:
    Pump House :
    • RCC work complete except Parapet above Roof.
    • Brickwork/ Plastering almost complete.
    • Erection of Pipe Rack structure achieved-90% (welding balance).
    • Erection of Ash Water Make-up pump, CHP DS water & RW Pump in progress.
    • Window glass & Door/Rolling shutter fixing pending.

    Electrical Bldg :
    • Civil work almost complete.
    • Window Glass fixing & Rolling Shutter fixing pending.
    • Floor Finish & Painting pending.
    • Erection of Cable Rack structure -85% complete.
    • Installation of Electrical equipments & Cable tray work in progress.

    2. Pre-Treatment Plant:

    • Clarifloculators-A : Civil work for Tank-A is complete. Mechanical installation started.
    • Clarifloculators-B : Base raft complete and casting of Wall/Launder is in progress.

    • Cascade Aerator : Sub-structure work & backfilling complete.

    • Stilling Chamber : Complete.

    • Flash Mixer (A & B): Complete.

    • Clarified Water Channels: Civil work in progress (70% achieved).

    • Filter House : Foundations complete. RCC work for Pipe Gallery & Filter bed in progress.

    • Chemical House & MCC Room : Excavation completed. Work stopped again following revision of Foundation Designs. PEM to release drawing.

    • B/W Collection Tank & Sludge Sump : RCC work in progress for B/W Collection Pump house.

    3. DM Plant:

    DM Plant Bldg:
    • RCC work for the Plant Bldg, all vessel foundations, Gr Floor, MCC/Control Room is complete.
    • Brickwork major complete. Inside Plastering started.
    • Doors/Windows/Rolling Shutters’ fixing and other Architectural work pending.
    • Drains/Cable trenches are complete except lining in progress.

    Re-generation Bldg:
    • RCC work is complete including equipment foundations & drains.
    • Brickwork complete. Plastering in progress.
    • PVC Lining for Drains complete.
    • Door/Window fixing and other Architectural work pending.

    Neutralizing Pit & Drains:
    • Complete except Acid-Alkali Proof Lining.
    • Pressure Grouting for Leakage points are in slow progress.
    • RCC work for Drains major complete.
    • Civil work for Acid/Alkali Storage Tanks foundations & dyke is complete.

    De-Gasser Storage Area:
    • Tank foundations complete. Tanks fabricated. Rubber lining material not reached yet.
    • Blowers’ foundations done.

    DM Water Storage area:
    • Storage Tank foundations completed long back.
    • DM Re-generation Pump foundations cast in this month.
    • DM Transfer Water Pump foundations cast. Paving not taken up yet.

    Pipe Rack Structure:
    Fabrication & Erection of Columns major complete.
    Fabrication of Galleries started

    Clarified Water Pump House & Reservoirs:

    Water Reservoirs
    • Major RCC work complete except the portion of Wall around Sluice gates is under progress.

    Pump House & MCC/Control Room:
    • Operating Floor EL (-) 1.0M cast except one span for Maint Bay.
    • Roof Slab completed.
    • Brickwork/plaster in progress.
    • Cable tray work in cable spreader room done.

    Pipe Rack Structure
    Erection achieved, welding in progress (Rack need to be extended till Pumps’ locations).

    CW Pump House & Electrical Bldg:
    • Major work completed, including RCC and Steel structures (except part of Roof).
    • Brickwork complete except on west & south sides.
    • Fixing Doors & Windows is in progress.
    • False Ceiling & Flooring in Control Room completed.

    Ash Handling Plant:
    Ash Slurry Pump House & Electrical Bldg
    Major Civil work including Equipment foundations, Ash & Water Sumps is complete.
    Fixing Door/Window in progress.
    Floor Finish/Painting pending.

    Ash Silos (2 no): complete except Paving.

    Silo Utility & Electrical Bldg : Civil work complete except Door & Window fixing.

    Vacuum Pump House & Electrical Bldg :
    Major RCC work completed.
    Fixing Doors & Windows and Rolling Shutters is pending.
    Sump & drain is under progress.

    ISH : Civil/structural work completed. Equipment already commissioned.

    Ash water Pipe Rack:
    Civil work/Structure Erection complete except extension of the same to VacPH.

    Ash Disposal Lines to Ash Pond :
    Major RCC Pedestals complete.
    Civil work for Thrust Blocks (inside Plant) in progress.
    Road Culvert 50% complete and balance is under progress.
    Rail Culvert (by Jack Pushing) not started.
    Civil work for Recovery Line Pedestals in progress.

    Mill Reject System
    Compressor foundations complete.
    Foundations for Reject Silo Bin in progress.

    Effluent Plant
    Contractor started mobilization.
    Civil drawing is not available.

    Chlorination Plant
    Civil work not started yet. Drawings are available.

    RW Make-up system (by M/s. SPML)
    Intake Well Pump House :
    Major RCC work for Intake well & Pump House completed. Inside Plaster completed.
    Approach bridge, Substation, Pipelines till plant Valve room complete.
    Installation of Pumps in progress.

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