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    STPS Unit No.5 (1 x 250MW) –Progress Area :Report Civil Work for Main Plant,Reporting Date : 18.11.08



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    STPS Unit No.5 (1 x 250MW) –Progress Area :Report Civil Work for Main Plant,Reporting Date : 18.11.08

    Post  sukantasenroy on 18th November 2008, 20:04

    Sl No
    Balance Work
    Cumulative Progress
    Progress in this month
    A Power House Building ..
    1. Brickwork/Facia/plaster balance on A row, AHU rooms, B-C/1-2, SWAS Room etc
    Brickwork/plaster for DG Room
    Fixing RWDCs
    Work Incomplete on A-row for EL+0.M to EL+8.5M & for 1-6 EL8.5M to +19.5M, AHU Rooms-1 & 2, SWAS Room (1 side).
    Appx 80% complete
    Fixed on A-row Column-1, 2, 3 only.
    Irregular work for Manpower crisis.
    Pending Brickwork completed.
    2. Fixing Balance Door & Windows and all Rolling Shutters Rolling Shutters not delivered yet. Fixing Door & Windows complete for appx 70% in PHB, but nil for Comp Room, AHU Rooms & CTPH. Nil
    3. Parapet wall & roof treatment B-C-D/+19.5/25.5M Nil Nil
    4. Lift & Lift M/c Room Only structural work done. No manpower
    5. Staircase(B-C bay) & Emergency staircases(2no) Nil No manpower
    6. Toilet Block (B-C bay) Nil No manpower
    7.casting of left-out portion of floors (B-C/1-2) Nil Nil
    8. Trench & Drain pit covers 40% completed (temporary). No manpower
    9. Concrete/Flexible Approach Road to Unloading Bay Done temporary by BHEL
    No manpower
    10. Peripheral Storm water drains 5%Re-started recently
    BTechnical Bldg . .
    1. Casting of Floor 22.0M 60% Nil
    2. Casting of Floor 4.0M 45% Nil
    3.Brickwork/Plastering +13.5 M, +8.5M, 0.0M +8.5M
    4.Fixing Floor Tiles & POP Appx 65% work done at EL+13.5M Floor +8.5M in progress
    5.Installation of AC unit Foundations cast. Ducting at EL+13.5M &+8.5M done.Ducting at EL+8.5M -75% done.
    6. False Ceiling & Glazed Partition walls Nil Nil
    7. Erection of Crane Girders 90% 40%
    8. Toilet Blocks with Septic tank Only one Toilet Block at EL+13.5M completed without Septic Tank. No Man Power
    9. Lift/Staircase Nil No Man Power
    10.Fixing Door & Windows Nil No Man Power
    C Boiler/Mill area ..
    1.Concrete Pavement & Drains in Boiler/PA/FD/ID Fans/Mills area Appx 75% complete 15%
    2. Fire Hydrant Trenches Nil No Man Power
    3.Lift for Boiler Structure erected. Lift pit excavation. Nil
    4. Cladding in Mill tripper FloorMajor complete
    5.Lift/Staircase for Tripper Floor Stair structure erected, steps material not available No manpower
    6.Brickwork/plaster for Lift/staircase room-Mill area Nil No Man Power
    7. Door & Window fixing & outside plaster in Bunker MCC Room, False Ceiling. Appx 50% work done excluding False Ceiling. BHEL not agreeing for False Ceiling.Fixing Window recently started.
    8. Roof treatment/Fixing RWDCs in Mill Bldg Nil Nil
    D ESP Control Room . .
    1. Balance brick work & outside plaster In slow progress.Manpower shortage.
    2. Fixing Doors, Rolling Shutters and balance Windows Windows partly fixed (50%).Door/window fixing in progress.
    3. Toilet Block Incomplete. No manpower
    ETransformer Yard ..
    1. Rail track with concrete pavement Appx 85% complete15%
    2.Balance concrete paving, drain & Mooring Block Appx 80% 20%
    3. Fire Hydrant trenches NilExcavation started.
    F Fire Water Booster Pump House . .
    1. FoundationsNot started yet for Manpower shortage. Drawings are available.

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