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    STATUS OF 6th Unit MECHANICAL WORK on 18/11/2008



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    STATUS OF 6th Unit MECHANICAL WORK on 18/11/2008

    Post  sukantasenroy on 19th November 2008, 14:15


    25th April’08 is zero date of 6th unit, STPS (1x250 MW). KPEL is the subcontractor, who is taking care the Boiler Erection.Total non pressure parts erection quantity is 1543.16 MT including alignment, bolting & welding support and pressure parts erection quantity is 205.71 MT so far.

    Out of 30 columns so far 23 has been erected along with 5 girders. Boiler drum has been lifted on 2nd oct. 2008.
    Boiler main column =13/13
    Auxiliary column =10/11
    Air pre-heater main column=0/6
    Four I BR welder selected in presence of boiler inspector for pressure parts.

    Pressure welding completed so far
    Joints are as follows:
    TOTAL NO.S of LTSH joint : 198/682
    Down comer:

    NO. OF JOINT: 6/56

    DC-2J2; DC-5J2 ; DC-6J4 & DC-1J4

    Header lifted:


    Column erection is going on


    Mechanical work is yet to start as civil foundation work is under progress.

    Condensate storage tank (500 kl)

    5th units as well as 6th unit CS tank are ready.

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