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    Updated Status of Unit 5 C & I as on 17/11/2008



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    Updated Status of Unit 5 C & I as on 17/11/2008

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    5th Unit C&I System
    Steam Generator
    SL. No.System Work Done Work Pending
    1. Oil ElevationAB & CD:- Ready EF:- i) Spark rod(2 no’s)required materials

    2.Mill group A, B, C, D: - Ready(Most of the important signals are made through. few parameters

    monitoring still pending.)
    E: - Under progress. F:-Feeder calibration and other are pending.All Mill-Vibration

    Monitoring System
    3. Fuel oil System LOTV & Oil Flow Controller are readyLORV are not ready(materials

    4. Seal air systemFans & Emergency damper are ready -
    5. SADC SystemErection part is over 4nos. I/P Converter shortage
    6. Burner tilt Erection completed -
    7. ID fan Fan A & B are ready(Most of the important signals are made through & Auto operation of

    Furnace Draft has been performed)
    Vibration Monitoring System
    8. FD fanFan A & B are ready (Most of the important signals are made through)Vibration

    Monitoring System
    9. PA fan Fan B are ready (Most of the important signals are made through)Fan A work

    under process.Vibration Monitoring System.
    10.Air Pre-heaterA & B are ready (Most of the important signals are made through)No

    motion signal
    11. O2 monitoring system Ready -
    12. HP Bypass SystemField jobs have been over. Loop tuning has been done.Final

    Turbo-Generator System
    SL. No.System Work Done Work Pending
    1.Bring & Jacking Oil SystemRemote operation of EOP AC & DC, JOP 1 &2, Temperature

    Sub Group Control
    2. Governing System partly commissionedControl valve F/B, ATT, Fire protection etc.
    3. Vacuum breaker - Not commissioned
    4. Synchronizer - Not commissioned
    5. Seal Oil System Remote operation of AC SOP 1 & 2 and DC SOP-
    6. H2 purity monitoring systemlocal panel is ready Proper remote interface is pending
    7. Turbine Drain valves & Ext. NRV Around 50% is ready -
    8. Evacuation SystemPartly ready for operation Sub Group Control
    9. LP Bypass System Ready for operation & final tuning has been done. -
    10. PRDS SystemPr control loop is ready.HT- temperature control is in auto mode.
    LT-temperature control yet to be done
    11.Gland Seal SystemErection of instruments & control valvesPerformance Observation &

    Final tuning pending
    12. BFPA,B,c:- Important parameters have been made throughC:- Remote operation.All

    BFP-Vibration Monitoring System
    13. CEP Pump Ready for operation Vibration Monitoring System
    14.DMCW System Important part has been completed ( Pump stand by operation & auto loop

    operation of boiler recirculation valve )
    Few parameter display is pending & auto loop operation of Turbine

    recirculation valve.
    15. ACW and CWP System CWP A,B&C, ACW A Switchgear to DCS Interface has been done

    and most of the vital signal has been made ready
    DCS interface is pending.
    16. CT Fan MCC to DCS interface has been doneInterconnection of bration & Oil level

    monitoring system.
    Common items
    SL. No.System Work Done Work Pending
    1. UPSMajor work has been done Battery healthiness monitoring system
    2.Unit Control Panel Major work has been done Observation of Performance of the system(

    EF –Elevation interface )
    3. Hardwire annunciation system Major work has been done Observation of Performance of

    the system
    4.CCTV Work started -
    5.LVSClient Software has been changed and the system has been made ready Observation

    of final Performance.
    6.HART management system System commissioned -
    7. Acoustic Steam leakage detection system Field mounting of sensor has been done

    Remote interface
    8. Remote Operation of Electrical System (Incoming BKR, Tie BKR etc.)Very few cable has been

    terminated 6.6 Kv Supply 1 & 2 to CHP- BKR &ST#3 to DCS interface has been done logic checking is

    DCS interface is pending
    9. ASH Handling System Bottom Ashing, Ash slurry Pump House, Fly Ash & Vaccum Pump House,

    Silo – UPS, PLC & Control Panel Erected.
    No Interfacing of the system to PLC & Control Desk has been

    Started. Some Transmitters & Gauges are connected in unapproachable place.
    10.DM PLANTOnly two nos. Turbine Flow meters has been erected, very few nos. of limit

    switches has been connected on the actuators.
    PLC Panels & Control Desk has not erected.

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