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    Unit No.5 : Status of Pending BOP work.



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    Unit No.5 : Status of Pending BOP work.

    Post  mbdcl on 27th April 2009, 14:14

    1. Raw Water Pump House:
    Pump House & Electrical Bldg :
    Major Civil & Electro-mechanical work completed.
    RW Pumps and Ash Water Make Up Pumps commissioned.
    Erection of 5 Ton Cap EOT pending.

    3. Pre-Treatment Plant:

    Clarifloculators-A : Tank-A is ready and under operation.
    Clarifloculators-B : Civil work completed. Mechanical installation is in progress.
    Cascade Aerator : RCC work completed.
    Stilling Chamber : Complete.
    Flash Mixer (A & B): Complete.
    Clarified Water Channels: Completed except for Filter House.
    Filter House : RCC work for Pipe Gallery & Filter bed, Roof completed and the same for
    overhead Back-wash Tank is under progress.
    Chemical House & MCC Room : RCC work for Roof is under progress.
    Filtered Water Pump house : RCC work for the Sump/Tank completed upto Ground
    B/W Collection Tank & Sludge Sump : RCC work for B/W Collection Tank & Pump House
    major achieved. Civil work for Sludge Sump & Pump house in progress.

    4. Clarified Water Reservoirs & Pump House:
    Water Reservoirs & Pump House :
    Major Civil work complete with installation of Sluice gates.
    Brickwork/plaster major completed.
    Installation of MCC panels completed and charged at one Feeder.
    CW Make-up pumps (2no) & piping installed and commissioned.
    DM Plant Feed Pumps(2no), temporarily installed in this pump house along with a PSF,
    AHP Seal Water Pumps (2no) installed and commissioned.

    5. DM Plant:
    DM Plant & Re-generation Bldg:
    Major Civil, Electro-mechanical work completed.
    Balance Plastering in slow progress. Other Finishing work not taken up.
    Fixing of Doors/Rolling shutters/Window glasses pending.
    Roof Treatment, fixing RWDC, Painting pending.
    PLC panels are not commissioned yet.
    Illumination pending.

    Neutralizing Pit & Drains:
    Complete with Acid-Alkali Proof PVC Lining.
    RCC work for Drains/trenches complete with Lining.
    Civil work for Acid/Alkali Storage Tanks foundations & dyke is complete with Acid proof Flooring.

    De-Gasser Storage Area:
    Work completed.
    Paving work pending.

    DM Water Storage area:
     Work completed except pavement

    6. CW, ACW & FW Pump House & Electrical Bldg:
    Major work completed Roof parapet is in progress.
    Fixing Doors & Windows complete major complete for Electrical Bldg.
    False Ceiling & Flooring in Control Room completed.
    CW Pumps (3no) and ACW Pumps (2no) already commissioned.
    Out of 2 sets, 1no Diesel Engine Fire Pump and 1no Jockey Pumps have been
    Installation of 2no Chain Pulley Block & Monorails pending for Screen/Gate lifting.
    Illumination pending.

    7. Ash Handling Plant:

    Ash Slurry Pump House & Electrical Bldg:
    Major Civil, Mechanical & Electrical work completed except erection of EOT Crane, AC & False Ceiling in PLC Room and Illumination. Slurry Pumps under operation.

    Ash Silos (2 no): Complete.

    Silo Utility & Electrical Bldg : Major Civil & Electrical work complete. Silo MCC panels & Silo Utility Panel charged.

    Vacuum Pump House & Electrical Bldg :
    Major Civil work completed except fixing Window Glasses, Glazed Partition work & AC for PLC Room and except EOT crane erection.

    ISH : Civil/structural work completed. Equipment already commissioned.

    Ash water Pipe Rack:
    Civil work/Structure Erection complete. Structural work strengthened for deflected Galleries.

    Ash Disposal Lines to Ash Pond :
    Civil & Disposal Lines work partly completed. Pipelines under service with a contingency arrangement.
    *Rail Culvert (by Jack Pushing) not started yet.

    *Recovery Water Pump House : Civil work not yet started.
    Clarifier & Chemical House (AHP) : Vendor not ordered by UCC. Drawings not available.

    8. Mill Reject System*
    Compressors (2no) installed. Air Receiver installed.
    Reject Silo Bin : Erection major completed. Pipeline is under progress.

    9. Effluent Plant : Civil work for CMB started only. Civil drawing for other structures not available yet.

    10. Chlorination Plants(CW) : Civil work not started yet. Drawings are available.
    Chlorination Plants(RW) : Work not started.

    11. Permanent Store Bldg* : Civil work not started yet. Work front is to be cleared by BHEL.

    12. RW Make-up system (by M/s. SPML)
    Intake Well Pump House :
    Major Civil and Electro-mechanical work completed for Intake well & Pump House, Approach bridge, Sub-station etc completed. Under commissioning stage.

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