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    Progress Report of Unit No. 6 for the month of May 2009



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    Progress Report of Unit No. 6 for the month of May 2009

    Post  mbdcl on 19th June 2009, 14:15

    1. Date of Order : 23.03.07

    2. Time of commercial operation: 33 months

    3. Progress of Work:

    A. Boiler Foundations : Complete
    B. Auxiliaries : ID Fan- A & B foundation complete.
    Duct Support Foundations (ESP to ID Fan) complete.PA & FD Fan foundations not started to facilitate Boiler erection.

    C. Boiler Erection:
    i) Non-pressure Parts : 2115 MT achieved (scope-3920 MT)
    ii) Pressure Parts : 1350 MT achieved (scope-2593 MT)

    D. ESP : Total achieved 835 MT out of 4072 MT).

    E. Power House Bldg
    i) Civil work : Major Foundations including TG complete.

    Operating Floors : Work is in slow progress at +8.5M & +13.5M in A-B & B-C bays and also at +3.5M & 10M in C-D bay for i) delay in structural readiness, ii) Manpower shortage.
    Total achieved 450 Cum out of 2000 Cum.

    ii) Structural work : Scope-4700 MT. Released – 4700MT.
    Fabrication Achieved- 4400MT. Erected - 4000MT.

    (In details : All Main Columns are erected, 9no Roof Truss erected in TG Hall portion out of 10no,
    16no Crane Girders erected out of 20no and erection/welding/torque tightening of Floor Beams is in slow progress at various levels).

    F. ESP Control Room : Floors at EL+4.0M, +9.0M, EL+13M & +17M cast. Ground Floor cast. Brickwork is in progress.

    G. Chimney (220m Ht) : Shell casting completed on 21.03.09. Inside Corbels casting
    completed upto EL +65M.

    H. Cooling Tower : Basin Floor raft cast for all 13 Cells.
    Civil work for Super-structure completed till 5th level for six (6) Cells. For balance 7 Cells, civil work in progress till 1st level. (2690 cum concrete poured against scope of total 6000 cum.)

    I. CW Pump house : Sump Base Raft complete. Casting of Wall/Columns is in
    & Feed Pool under progress till bottom of Operating Floor EL-3.5M
    CW Duct : Major Civil work achieved.

    J. Clf Wat Reservoirs : Base raft (in two tiers) casting is in progress. Sand filling is & Pump House in progress.

    K. Mill Bunker : Foundations completed for 50% area as front available.

    Fabrication in progress for Columns/Bunker girders (achieved 750 MT out of 2700MT).
    (Work Front for balance foundations not available).

    L. CW Pipe Laying : Excavation & Pipe laying is under progress (Appx 374 RM of Pipe laid out of 1110 RM).

    M. Transformer Yard : Foundations for Gen Transformer is under progress.
    Excavation is under progress for Station Transformer.

    N. 220kV Switchyard : Work front available only for 4no Tower Foundations. Civil work is under slow progress.

    O. Ash Handling System :Order Placed on M/s. DCIPS. Work not started yet. Drawings are not available. Time of completion–22 months.
    (Very Critical).

    P. Erection of TG & Aux: Vendor Ordering not finalised.

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