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    Status Report of Unit No.6 Construction as on 12.03.09.



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    Status Report of Unit No.6 Construction as on 12.03.09.

    Post  mbdcl on 12th March 2009, 14:48

    1. Date of Order : 23.03.07

    2. Time of commercial operation: 33 months

    3. Progress of Work:

    A. Boiler Foundations : Complete

    B. Auxiliaries : ID Fan- A foundation complete.

    ID Fan - B foundation incomplete.

    PA & FD Fan foundations not started to facilitate Boiler erection.

    C. Boiler Erection:

    i) Non-pressure Parts : 1973 MT achieved (scope-3920 MT)

    ii) Pressure Parts : 746 MT achieved (scope-2593 MT)

    (In Details : LTSH Coils erection is in progress in Back Pass. 36 coils erected out of 72. *Boiler Erection in Front pass is suffering following non-availability of Roof & Sequential Structural items).

    D. ESP : 1st tier Erection of Columns/Tie Bracings complete in C & D pass.

    2nd tier erection is in progress in C & D pass.

    (Total achieved 397MT out of 4072 MT).

    E. Power House

    i) Civil work : All Main Column foundations complete.

    CW Pit & CEP foundations complete.

    3no BFP foundations & Oil Cooler Pits complete.

    TG Foundation completed on 22.02.09.

    Operating Floors : Only two panels cast (one at +8.5M & another at +13.5M). Suffering for Manpower crisis (Skilled).

    ii) Structural work : Scope-4500 MT. Released – 4500MT. Fabrication Achieved- 3758MT. Erected - 2553MT.

    (In details : 34no Columns are erected out of 40no, 7no Roof Truss erected in TG Hall portion out of 10no, 12no Crane Girders erected out of 20no and erection of Floor Beams is in slow progress at various level).

    F. ESP Control Room : Floor at EL+4.0M cast. Floor at +9.0M and +13M partly cast. Brickwork also taken up. (Manpower Crisis).

    G. Chimney : Shell casting achieved till EL+ 204.7M.

    H. Cooling Tower : Basin Floor raft cast for nine (9) Cells (total 13no). Wall/Columns/Tie Beams casting in progress for 2nd/3rd level.

    I. CW Pump house : i) CW Sump portion : Base Raft cast. (Suffering for Shortage of Skilled Manpower).

    ii) Feed Pool : Foundations of both side Walls cast. (Suffering for Shortage of Skilled Manpower).

    iii) CW Duct :Total 217RM of Base Raft cast out of 247RM. Wall & Top Cover Slab casting in very
    slow progress.

    J. Clf Wat Reservoirs & PH : Excavation completed. Reinforcement work for Bottom Base raft taken up for 40% area in progress. (Shortage of Skilled Manpower).

    K. Mill Bunker : Excavation done for 50% area as front cleared.

    8no Column Foundations complete and 2no in progress. Reinforcement work for Mill-D, E, F Foundations in progres.

    Fabrication in progress for 3no Columns (total 20no).

    Fabrication achieved 75 MT out of 4000MT.

    (Resource crisis). (Very Critical).

    L. CW Pipe Laying : Excavation started.

    M. Transformer Yard : Excavation started for GT on 12.03.09.

    N. 220kV Switchyard : Work front available for 60% area. Excavation started for Tower Foundations.

    O. Ash Handling System : Order Placed on M/s. DCIPS. Contractor not mobilized yet. Drawings are not available.
    Time of completion–22 months. (Very Critical).

    P. Erection of TG & Aux : Vendor Ordering expected to be completed by 1st week of April’09.

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