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    Updated Status of Mechanical on 17/11/2008



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    Updated Status of Mechanical on 17/11/2008

    Post  sukantasenroy on 19th November 2008, 13:36


    MILL-A: Lock rotor clear – welding required in mill inside.
    MILL-B: hot air damper power cylinder shaft shear.
    MILL-C: ready
    MILL-D: will be trail run today.
    MILL-E: feeder calibrated –all C&I job will be completed on 23/11/2008(miraj)
    MILL-F: feeder yet calibrate: all C&I job will be completed on 23/11/2008(miraj, mr. solanki will come on 14/11//2008)

    Note: i. Four cards has been burn (A, B, C, and D) out of six cards. four card will be repair at Bangalore and other two will be available at site on 30/11/2008.
    ii. Two card will shifted from Bkttp for replacement .

    Iii.four mill may be made ready at present but another two mill’s feeder card not available in the site.

    No mandatory spars for feeder card


    Same sort of emitted electrode as well as collecting plate damage in B-PASS . It’s under maintenance.

    Condensate storage tank (500 kl)
    5th units as well as 6th unit CS tank are ready


    2 no Degasified tank (100 kl) and 2 no of DMST (800 kl) are fabricated and tested on site. DM plant BED placed and piping arrangement is under progress .N.Pit pumps are placed & out of 4 one alignment completed. Two regeneration pump’s foundation work completed.

    Necessary action may please be taken to overcome the following constraints for erection of DM plant.

    1. Caustic measuring tank (2nos) and Acid measuring tank (2nos) to regeneration
    line yet to complete due to not availability of 4nos ejector.
    2. Mix bed outlet to DMST pipe line (150nb) yet to complete due to material
    non supply.
    3. Regeneration power water line (65nb) from degasser water discharge line
    to preparation tank yet to complete due to material non supply.
    4. Hume pipe not available in site due to which the underground connection
    between DM feed water pump to ACF including road crossing not completed.
    5. PVC flooring work as well as HDPE pipe arrangement work is suspended due
    to ground water leakage in N-Pit.
    6. PVC flooring in N-pit drain yet to complete due to balance civil finishing work.
    7. Degasser blower yet to erected due to foundation work.
    8. Hot water tank heater not available in the site.
    9. SS pipe welding under progress.
    10. SBA outlet valve erected in odd position.
    11. All vent line & valve are misalignment.
    12. Foundation of bulk acid fume absorber is misaligned.
    13. Safety shower still not erected but drawing does not show any over head tank
    14. Grouting bolt out of pocket of Weak base anion exchanger (R3B-WBA),
    Strong base anion exchanger (R4B-SBA) & mixed bed exchanger (R5B-MB).
    Due to out of pocket they have welded extra piece of MS Plate
    which is undesirable.
    15. More number of seams placed under the filters legs. Thickness are
    mentioned bellow:
    a. R3A-WBA-80mm, 50mm, 60mm, 50mm.
    b. R2A-SAC-40mm,45mm,65mm,50mm.
    c. R1A-ACF-20mm,30mm,50mm..
    16. Bulk acid storage tank foundation broken at contact between foundation & tank.
    17. Air line connection from compressor to DM plant out side.
    18. Lighting not yet started.
    19. Earthing inside DM & regeneration building not yet started.
    20. Electrical connection to all motor not yet started.


    Apart from monorail as well as shading almost all the mechanical job is completed. All the twelve CT fans are available for operation.

    CW PUMP HOUSE: Two nos CW and two nos ACW are available for operation and the remaining CW pump is ready from the mechanical side. EOT crane erection over.

    RAW WATER PIPE LINE: Pipe laying (914 NB) is almost 80% completed and UT of that portion is going on.

    One ash water makes pump, one CHP dust suspension pump &one raw water pump are
    Grouting only completed so far.


    Almost all the major portion of CHP is completed and operation is going on. Few pending jobs in bunker floor are in

    advanced stage.


    Necessary action may please be taken to overcome the following constraints for erection of ash handling system:
    1. Rail road crossing job (Permission not yet obtain from rail by UCCI) .
    2. Booster pump (Eco-ash water pump-A&B) erection yet to complete as a result
    It is very difficult to evacuate eco hopper (one pump placement only done).
    3. Ash conveying blower’s pipe line (one out of three only ) erection up to
    silo incomplete & others two complete..
    4. Trail run 3 nos.Ash conveying blower (Electrical connection not yet done).
    5. Trail run HP water pump –(A & B) at slurry pump house as well as pipe
    line incomplete(Electrical connection not yet done)..
    6. Trail run LP water pump –(A & B) at slurry pump house as well as pipe
    line incomplete (Electrical connection not yet done)..
    7. Trail run seal water pump-(A & B) at ash slurry pump house as well as pipe
    line incomplete (pipe line MS as well as GI .All pipe line should be MS).
    8. Trail run Slurry pump (A & B) at ash slurry pump house
    (Electrical connection not yet done)
    9. Ash slurry Pipe line incomplete between silo & ash slurry sump AND bottom
    Ash hopper to ash slurry sump.
    10. Ash water makes up pipe line between raw water pump house and ( HP& LP)
    Water sump incomplete.
    11. Mill ejector compressor-(A & B) erection and also pipe line not yet started,
    (Only foundation complete).
    12 Air receiver at in front of mill-F for Mill ejector compressor yet to
    Start (foundation not yet done).
    13. Bottom ash over flow pump –(A & B) (foundation not yet done).and also
    Pipe line incomplete.
    14 Ash slurry submerge drainage pump (A & B) elevation problem.
    15 Fluidizing line incomplete(ISH& duct hopper).
    16. Wet ash disposal line two nos. (Slurry sump to W.B.P.D.C.L. boundary and
    rail road to ash pond) incomplete.
    17. Instrument air compressor (A&B) as well as ADP (air drier) yet to trail run.
    (Electrical connection not yet done & non availability of DMC water).
    18. Instrument air compressor pipe line incomplete (pipe line MS as well as GI
    Mix up; all pipe line should be GI).
    19. Mill ejector collection tank (in front CST) procurement not yet done.
    20. Ash recovery pump at ash pond not yet started.
    21. Trail run Dust conditioning pump-(A & B) at ash slurry pump house
    (Electrical connection not yet done).
    22. Erection of bottom ash area drain pit ejector pump (A&B) and its associated piping
    not yet started.
    23 Alignment of drive arrangements (Motor, Gearbox and Fluid Coupling) for crusher
    (Clinker grinder) no. 4 only placement done, no.3 alignment done.
    24. Installation of 3 nos Safety Valves at outlet 3 nos ash conveying Blowers.
    25. Construction of Thrust Block at Slurry Disposal Line not yet started


    Necessary action may please be taken to overcome the following constraints for erection of Fire Fighting system:

    I. Trench in the area GT, ST , UAT & 5TH Unit ESP front by SIMPLEX
    II. 8 nos road crossing job
    III. Rail road crossing job
    IV. Hume pipe procurement for rail / road crossing.
    V. 10 nos pedestal at CHP.
    VI. Crane boom & duct shifting behind 5th unit Karpara office.
    VII. Booster pump foundation erection by Simplex
    VIII. Diesel pump oil tank foundation erection by ECCI
    IX. Compressor pipe line erection up to HP tank by Gunnebo .
    X. Jockey pump electrical connection
    XI. Diesel pump-A new bowl placement by Gunnebo .
    XII. Diesel pump-A foundation checking.
    XIII. Diesel pump-B two broken leg replacement by Gunnebo.
    XIV. Thrust pad support required outside pump house header & strainer.
    XV. HP tank one leg replacement by Gunnebo.

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